California Home Loan Pre Approval

To get the best loan in Orange County and ALL over Southern California… The best time apply for a home loan is before you shop for a house!!

Yes That’s RIGHT… Prequalify For A Home Loan Before You Talk To A Realtor!!

As an Orange County, CA home buyer (or anywhere in Southern California for that matter), you should start off purchasing your home with a LoanFirst™ California Home Loan Pre Approval home loan online. Having a pre approved home loan in California with a LoanFirst™ is just like having money in the bank.

Don’t start the home buying process backwards! Successfully Get a “Pre Approved” home loan in Orange County and ALL of Southern California… And Not Just “Pre-Qualified”. Being Pre-Qualified Isn’t Worth The Paper It’s “NOT” Printed On!

Typically Southern California homebuyers shopping for a new home, especially in Orange County CA, shop first to find the home of their dreams… and then shop for a California home loan through a California mortgage broker, Loan Officer or Orange County mortgage lenders to finance this home purchase.

When you apply for home loan, If you would like a successful easy home loan experience, and to get best home loan in California… I say start with to get a LOANFIRST™ Home Loan Approval and then go out and shop with confidence, clout and authority.

  • A LOANFIRST™ California Home Loan Pre Approval will let you know what home you can afford and how much of a loan you can afford so you don’t waste time looking at homes that are not in your price range.

  • A LOANFIRST™ California Home Loan Pre Approval tells the owner of the home that you are a serious home-buyer—you will receive special consideration in the bidding process over those who are not pre approved for a home loan in Southern California. This can translate into obtaining your perfect home for thousands of dollars less!

  • A LOANFIRST™ California Home Loan Pre Approval gets the home buying process started for you so you can settle on your Southern California dream home purchase quickly and without hassles. Why not have your Orange County mortgage lender working while you are out shopping?

We Can Pre Approve Your Mortgage In 48 Hours Or Less And Issue You A Certified California Home Loan Approval Letter!

In today’s competitive Southern California real estate environment, many homes are receiving more than one contract offer(LOTS MORE!). The winning bidder is often not the highest price but the one who is more prepared to get to the settlement closing table by having their first time home buyers loan in place—

We will review your credit and financial situation and if you qualify for one of our special California home loan programs, we will pre approve your home mortgage loan for the Southern California home of your dreams using our exclusive LOANFIRST™ California Home Loan Pre Approval process in less than 48 hours… GUARANTEED!!

The Only Way You Could Lose Is By Not Taking Action!

As a leader in the Orange County mortgage lender and California home loan mortgage markets, we feel that it is important to use the latest technology to educate our clients regarding their choices for California mortgage financing in today’s market.

We believe that “proper mortgage planning” and learning how large of a loan you can qualify for in today’s volatile Southern California home loans market, is the first step in the TOTAL California Home Loan Approval Process—

We will gather as much information as needed from you to pre approve your home loan so that you can shop as a cash buyer in Orange County or anywhere else in Southern California.

  • We have a full line of California home loan mortgage products for first time home buyers loan, move up buyers and investors —including FHA mortgages, California no down payment loans and government home loans programs especially for those with blemished credit histories.

If you are ready to apply for home loans in California, we can help you not only to get a home loan, but also to make sense out of the whole process of getting best home loan!

You can learn more about your financing options by downloading our Free Special Report: “Loan Qualifying report.”

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