Why You Need Our FSBO Program

Why You Need Our Exclusive “For Sale By Assistance Program”…

“Hi. My name is Khallil Zakee and I am here to help. I’m with TheHomeLoanHero.com. In fact, I’ve noticed we’re in the same sort of business. I too am looking for a qualified home buyer.  I actually help “For Sale By Owners” find and qualify potential home buyers. I am an Orange County Mortgage Broker, California Home Loan Specialist, Southern California Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Lender and Licensed Realtor. And I have developed a system to enable you to sell your home in the next 30 days for your asking price!

I do not want a COMMISSION, FEES, or to place you under any CONTRACT or OBLIGATION. Together we can sell your home faster and for your asking price… at no cost to you!” — Khallil Zakee – TheHomeLoanHero.com

If You Want To Avoid Paying Outrageous Commissions By Selling Your House Yourself So You Can Move Into A Larger House… Or So You Can Make A Larger Down-Payment On Your Next House…

Or If You Would Just Plain Like To Hang Onto Your Equity That You’ve Worked So Hard For, Rather Than Just Handing It Over To A Real Estate Agent… This May Be The Most Important Information You Ever Read!

As an Orange County mortgage broker, Southern California real estate investor and Licensed California Realtor… I have sold, bought, financed, refinanced, wholesaled, rehabbed and represented MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars worth of transactions. I have seen it all, heard it all – “been there, done that” – and I have boiled it down to a simple system that – if you do what I tell you – you can sell your house in Southern California- no matter what your local market conditions!

Let me say it again… This program MUST work for you… it doesn’t have a choice! If you do it the way I tell you… a qualified home buyer has to appear… just like the law of gravity states that an apple ripe on the branch must fall to the ground.

Why End Up Losing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Cash, Equity And Time When Trying To Sell Your Home Quickly… Or Possibly Make A Huge Mistake By Getting Tied Up With The Wrong Buyer!! When You Can Sell Your Home Effectively Without Using An Agent… So You Can Save Thousands Of Dollars And Move On With Your Life!!?

I’m going to give you all of Southern California real estate’s best secrets to selling a house quickly… so you can get someone to buy your home, and you keep the commission too. In fact, I am a California real estate agent (Realtor), as well as an Orange County California mortgage broker and Southern California real estate investor, and I figure it’s time you get to use that knowledge for yourself. I’m doing this because I love real estate, and I love people, and I think it’s everyone’s right to know as much as possible about their home… including how to sell it quickly when it’s time to do so!

This is a different kind of real estate market! And it is going to take a different kind of plan to sell your house quickly and for your asking price! And unless time is not a factor for you, you better start doing something different or else learn how you will enjoy the waiting game.

I’ve owned a lot of real estate in my day (and still continue to invest as well). I have sold in up markets and down markets. But I have never seen the likes of today’s market!

As if there isn’t enough competition from just regular homeowners who need to sell. The influx of foreclosures, short sales, REO’s and auctions has just about tanked the property values and killed the market. And while “they” say, “this too will pass”, truthfully that’s not helping you right now. You need to sell your house! And no one has any suggestions on what you can do in order to get this done!


This Is The Most Complete And Innovative New FSBO Assistance Program Anywhere On The Planet!! It Is The Ultimate Shortcut For The Average Homeowner Looking To Sell A Home Quickly Even In A Buyer’s Market!!

Imagine generating immediate sales results for your home. It’s a home sellers dream come true. You can achieve this with our Exclusive “For Sale By Assistance™ Program”. I’ll introduce you to my unique “secret sales weapons”, and the exclusive hassle free system for getting your home sold in record time.

I have developed a For Sale By Owner System that gets immediate results. This innovative program will supply you with professionally reproduced marketing materials and brochures, free financing sheets, and a 24-hour interactive response system to respond to potential homebuyer’s inquiries (just to name a few things).

Our Exclusive “For Sale By Assistance™ Program” will help you save thousands of dollars in broker commissions, with proven techniques. As an expert in the residential real estate, advertising, sales and mortgage financing fields… I will lead you step-by-step through the marketing and selling process of the transaction. You can learn today how to sell your house without a real estate agent; (even in today’s market) it’s easier than you think!

We want to be a vital asset and resource in your real estate making decisions. You can be confident that working with us will assure you the best rates and best service available.

Don’t hesitate… because of the overwhelming number of buyers generated by this revolutionary technology and to guarantee personal attention to each and every client, we must limit the number of homes on the service. We would consider it a privilege doing business with you!

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