Exclusive “For Sale By Assistance” Program

Our Exclusive Southern California “For Sale By Assistance” Program

1) You’ll Receive Free Sellers Assistance To Get Your Home Sold Quickly So You Can Go Off And Live Life… And Pay Nothing!

2) You’ll Gain Instant Exposure To Our Database Of “Pre-Approved Buyers” Currently In The Market For Purchasing Homes! This is everything you are looking for… Buyers! This alone is a very valuable feature of our “For Sale By Assistance™ Program”.

Included in the marketing of your home we’ll offer free consultation, loan education, financing sheets and loan prequalifying. Because we are in the business of financing, we know a whole universe of qualified homebuyers who’ll immediately become exposed to your home. And by helping you market your home we’ll come into contact with even more.

3) You’ll Have Access To Our Exclusive “Quickcash™ Closing Program” Which Includes: purchasing your home for ALL CASH, making any and all payments in arrears, taking over or cashing out your existing mortgage, determining a fair cash settlement to you, and finally taking possession of your property the day YOU determine! Quick, easy and convenient! We can buy your house from you for a quick hassle-free transaction!

4) You’ll Receive A “Free Home Comparative Market Analysis” – To Determine Your Homes Current Market Value!

5)  “You’ll Receive 24/7 Interactive Lead Generation Technology!! You’ll be able to put state-of-the art innovation to work for you! With your enrollment we will set up your 800# home information hotline. This number is on the sign along with your ID# that identifies your home when your prospective buyer calls. Your prospects will call in and hear a recorded message selling them on the features of your home.

  • This service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is a great way to pique interest when a prospective buyer is driving by your home or reads an ad in your local paper or home magazine. We will capture their number. You are free to call them and further promote your home… or we can contact them to get them pre-qualified and sold on your home so you don’t have to!

  • Our program is so effective you ’ll uncover more buyers than most full time Realtors do! The 24-hour interactive response system will enable potential homebuyers to obtain vital information about your property by simply calling an 800 number. The system automatically captures their name, address and phone number so we can call them back.

  • We’ll help you to market your home with a 24-hour toll free hotline that will enable potential homebuyers to obtain the information on your home instantly… and without disturbing you! The system captures their name, address and phone number so I (or you if you desire) can call them back to qualify them.

  • You’ll never talk with an unqualified buyer, a Sunday shopper or receive an insulting offer. Since the system is automated and 24 hours, you’ll never receive another late night phone call. We’ll prequalify every lead so you’ll never enter negotiations with an unqualified buyer!

  • Best of all… you ’ll generate so many opportunities… you’ll sell your home fast and for the price you want!

6) We’ll Pre-Qualify The Potential Buyer With  A LOANFIRST™ Pre-Approval … Just Like We Would For Any Realtor Or Client!We’ll check their credit, down payment source, employment, and any other factors that may enhance or detract from their ability to obtain your home. This information is paramount to a transaction. You may waste many weeks and pass up other capable buyers if you subsequently find that your purchaser cannot qualify for a loan. This will assure a fast, smooth, and speedy closing for you.

A LOANFIRST™ Pre-Approval for your potential home buyer tells you as the seller of the home, that you are dealing with a serious home-buyer—they should receive special consideration in the bidding process over those who are not pre-approved. This can translate into selling your home for thousands of dollars more and in less time!

A LOANFIRST™ Pre-Approval gets the process started so your buyers can close on your home quickly and without hassles. Why not have your lender working while you are getting ready for your move?

We can pre-approve your buyer’s mortgage in 48 hours or less!

In today’s competitive real estate environment, many homes are collapsing at the closing table and falling out of escrow, due to buyers not being properly qualified to purchase the home they are making offers on. The homes that close is often not the all cash buyer, but the one who is more prepared to get to the settlement closing table—

We will review your buyer’s credit and financial situation and if they qualify for one of our many home loan programs, we will pre-approve their mortgage for your home using our exclusive LOANFIRST™ Pre-Approval process in less than 48 hours.. GUARANTEED!! The only way you could lose is by not taking action.

7) My Team And I Will Coordinate All Inspections, Appraisals, Escrow And Title Services And Closings… with the very best firms so you can feel confident and focus on other tasks during your loan process!

8) We’ll Handle The Entire Procedure At No COST To You! By helping you market your home, we’ll come into contact with many potential buyers who may or may not need financing. If they do need financing, we’ll offer our services to them.

9) You’ll Receive Many Of The Services Of A Professional Realtor Free Of Charge… Such As: contract review, open house kits and assistance, arrange viewings, and providing rate sheets and local information to your buyers!

10) You’ll Receive Weekly Alerts, Stats And Updates… To Help You Track Progress And Get Your Home Sold Quickly!

11) We’ll Also Offer You The Most Competitive Financing Available Should You Need It! No one is under any obligation to use our services and you may cancel this program at any time.

We provide this service with the sole expectation that if we deliver a quick and prompt service with competitive rates, we’ll earn the buyer’s business. And… perhaps help you with your next transaction as well.

No One Is Under Any Obligation To Use Our Services. We Will Sign An Agreement, Which Will State You Pay Nothing… No Commission, No Fees And Are Under No Obligation. You Have The Right To Cancel At Any Time!!

We want to be a vital asset and resource in your real estate making decisions. You can be confident that working with us will assure you the best rates and best service available.

Don’t hesitate… because of the overwhelming number of buyers generated by this revolutionary technology and to guarantee personal attention to each and every client, we must limit the number of homes on the service. We would consider it a privilege doing business with you!

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