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Team Leader – The Home Loan Hero Himself… Khallil Zakee

  • “Hi. My name is Khallil Zakee and I am here to help YOU get the best home loan in Orange County, CA and anywhere else in Southern California. I actually secure the financing to make home loans in California happen. I am a Southern California Real Estate Investor, Orange County California Mortgage Broker and Licensed Realtor. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit I know you’ll find the services offered here helpful and my Exclusive California Home Loan Programs not only innovative, but very easy home loans. As Orange County mortgage lenders, It’s our goal to not only help you apply for home loan, but also to get the best home loan possible to make your Southern California home ownership dreams a reality” — Khallil Zakee,

As a professional in the Southern California Mortgage Lending and Real Estate Investing industry for over 20 years, Khallil Zakee has built a strong reputation by providing outstanding information and service to his Orange County and Southern California home buyer clients. That means you can count on him to always look out for your best interests, and to keep you informed throughout every step of the California home loan process.

Over the years Khallil has developed a strong reputation as a top rated Orange County California Mortgage Broker and Southern California Real Estate Investor serving the needs of private lenders, Real Estate investors, homebuyers, homeowners, real estate professionals, builders and individual consumers throughout Orange County and ALL of Southern California.

Khallil Zakee is a full service Orange County Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Investor and Orange County, CA Realtor with an experienced staff of true orange county mortgage lenders and Real Estate professionals offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending and Southern California Real Estate Investing… from purchase to rehab to wholesaling and construction lending.

But that’s just the beginning of his service. Throughout the entire Southern California mortgage lending process he provides regular loan updates and progress reports so his first time home loan buyers always know the status of their loan. When it’s time to apply for home loan, He can handle all of your Orange County and Southern California home loan mortgage Real Estate needs. You’re able to benefit from the best home loan in California, and a stress free California mortgage loan transaction.

Through Khallil and his Orange County mortgage lenders Super Team, you have access to a full range of California home loan financial resources… and his whole entire Real Estate Super Team is dedicated to finding you the right California mortgage loan!!

Khallil specializes in home loans in California and all areas of Southern California Real Estate finance – both “creative” and “conventional”. You have more options to get a home loan by working with him. Whether it’s credit problems, BK’s, Foreclosures, No income verification, investment properties or any other type of Real Estate financing transaction… then he can help you.

He is committed to helping you find the right financing solutions for your exact Real Estate needs. Through Khallil and his Super Team, you have the luxury of having an experienced group of Real Estate investors, mortgage professionals and Real Estate experts dedicated to working hard for you and your family’s future.

As A Orange County Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Investor And Orange County, CA Realtor, He Is Dedicated To Helping You Make The Most Informed Decisions Possible When It Comes To Home Loans California!

As a Southern California Real Estate professional with over 20 years experience in the California home loans industry, Khallil understands that every client is different – so he offers you a wide variety of California home loan mortgage financing options to meet your individual needs! His system makes the process of buying a home in Orange County or Southern California as simple and straight forward as possible.

Khallil Zakee is a “Professional California Home Loan Problem Solver” – he provides you with the latest Real Estate financing options to get a home loan anywhere in Southern California!

You can learn more about your financing options by downloading our Free Special Report: “Home Buying Tips.”

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