“For Sale By Assistance” Program Benefits

Benefits Of Our Exclusive Southern California “For Sale By Assistance” Program

Our Exclusive Southern California “For Sale By Assistance™ Plan” will give you guidance as to whether a California home buyer can afford to buy your house. We will be able to tell you if the home buyer would qualify for a home loan mortgage pre approval… and if it is worth proceeding any further into the transaction.

No More Losing Sleep Stressing Over Losing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Cash, Equity And Time Trying To Sell Your Home Quickly… Or Possibly Making A Huge Mistake By Getting Tied Up With The Wrong Home Buyer!!

We congratulate you. You have the courage and the initiative to sell your own home in Southern California without soliciting help from a California Realtor. You’ll save thousands of dollars in commissions.

You’ll also experience a deluge of unqualified California homebuyers, Sunday shoppers, insulting offers, late night phone calls and no show appointments. You’ll even negotiate a deal or two in good faith only to find out the potential homebuyer couldn’t qualify for a Hyundai!

But you knew that. You’ve decided a few months of pain and suffering was worth thousands of dollars in commissions. And I agree!

As a leader in the Orange County mortgage and Southern California real estate industry, We feel that it is important to use the latest technology to educate our clients regarding their choices for a Southern California home loan in today’s market.

  • We believe that “proper pre qualifying” and learning how large of a California home loan a buyer can qualify for in Orange County and ALL Over Southern California is the first step in the “For Sale By Owner” process—
  • We will gather as much information needed to pre-approve their home loan so that you can deal with a pre-approved home buyer.
  • We have a full line of California mortgage products for first time home buyers in California, move up buyers and investors —including FHA mortgages, no down-payment home loans and government programs especially for those with blemished credit histories.
  • If they have just started shopping for a home and decide they want yours… we can approve their California home mortgage financing before the ink dries on the Purchase Agreement!
  • We can help you make sense of the whole For Sale By Owner process!

  • Our Exclusive “For Sale By Assistance™ Plan” will enable you to market your home using state-of-the-art technologies, professional marketing strategies and first class brochures to help you attract home buyers to sell your house quickly. We’ll qualify every lead and “weed out” the shoppers who waste your time… so you only interact with qualified buyers!
  • You’ll be able to advertise your home utilizing a revolutionary new interactive voice/web response system that enables potential home buyers to obtain information about your home 24 hours a day—7 days a week! Because the system is automated… you don’t have to lift a finger!
  • But once the potential homebuyer enters the system—their name, address and phone number is captured and reported to you and me. We’ll call them back (you can too if you desire) to offer home loan pre approval and mortgage financing assistance to purchase your home. If they qualify to purchase your home we’ll arrange a meeting at your convenience!
  • Southern California Home buyers often use “a lack of financial information” as an excuse for not writing a contract. They are generally unprepared – so do your homework in advance.
  • It is important to be able to show potential home buyers what it would cost to buy your property and what their monthly mortgage loan payments are likely to be. Financial and cost breakdowns are important, because they should give your home buyer the necessary assurance to write a contract. Our Exclusive “For Sale By Assistance™ Plan” can help you with this too.

Eliminate Unqualified Buyers, Shoppers, Bargain Hunters And Low-Ballers!!

Our Exclusive “For Sale By Assistance™ Program”  reveals the secrets to selling your own home quickly in today’s market! You’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully sell your home on your own…

  • Discover the latest trends in marketing your house and how to carry out the process.
  • Discover common pitfalls you may encounter as a Southern California FSBO seller may and how to avoid them.
  • Discover the secrets to writing a strong classified ad and the best places to advertise to sell your house fast in Orange County and anywhere in Southern California.
  • Following our step-by-step approach you’ll soon have qualified, pre-approved home buyers lined up in droves to buy your home.

The key is to be properly prepared to sell your home as quickly as possible. If you are not, your home could remain on the market longer in Southern California than you expect because you are not attracting and getting offers from qualified homebuyers. This is the point where many homeowners become frustrated and consider giving up their dream of selling their home themselves. There are sellers who accomplish selling their own homes, very well. You can be one of them.

  • However, when you sell your home yourself anywhere in Southern California, you have limited resources. Limited due to the costs and lack of equipment to produce first class marketing pieces.
  • Time is another limitation… how can you be expected to have a full time job, home life, social life and find the time to sell your home?

Through a host of services you receive when you participate in our Southern California “For Sale By Assistance” Program, we empower you to sell your home in Orange County or anywhere in Southern California, on your own without paying high commissions. When you become a customer we provide you with the services to support you through the FSBO selling process.

We want to be a vital asset and resource in your real estate making decisions. You can be confident that working with us will assure you the best rates and best service available.

Don’t hesitate… because of the overwhelming number of buyers generated by this revolutionary technology and to guarantee personal attention to each and every client, we must limit the number of homes on the service. We would consider it a privilege doing business with you!

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