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As a group of highly-skilled Orange County mortgage lenders, mortgage bankers and Southern California Mortgage Broker… we offer a number of creative ways for you to: 1) Apply for home loan 2) Get the best home loan in Orange County and Southern California 3) Purchase your house with our Exclusive California Home Loan Program.

Today, there are a variety of California home loan mortgage financing options available to meet the needs of virtually anyone interested in purchasing a house in Orange County and ALL of Southern California. When looking at your California mortgage loan options, it is important to understand the different types of easy home loan financing available and select the one that best fits your current situation. Then apply for home loan to get the best home loan for your specific situation

California Home Loan Financing Programs
When financing your house with a home loan in California, there are a number of California mortgage loan programs you may qualify for. You may select a Orange County mortgage offered by Orange County mortgage lenders, a traditional private lender or participate in our FHA or VA loan program insured by the US government. We can help you select the best home loan program in California that is right for you… based upon your credit, how much you want to put down, and how long you intend to stay in the home in sunny Southern California.

California FHA Home Loans
Special money from your local government helps Orange County and Southern California renters become homeowners! A California FHA home loan is a very easy home loan!

TheHomeLoanHero.com has great news for renters. We have received an allocation of special money from the Federal Government (government home loans) to help facilitate your first time home loan at:

  • Below market interest rates. This limited commitment of funds is available at below even today’s low interest rates because of special government home loans California.

  • Liberal qualification guidelines. Using this money, you can get a home loan in Orange County CA and all of Southern California… with the least amount of cash and the most liberal credit and income guidelines available today.

  • Not just Limited to first-time buyers loan in California. To be eligible, you simply must not have owned a home within the last three years.

Lease-Option or Lease-to-Own Programs
If you have a small down payment and a steady job with a decent income a lease-option program may be right for you. With Our Orange County CA Lease-Option Program, you will pay a small “Option Fee” (typically 3-5%) and lease the home for a specified period. During this time, you have the option to apply for home loan and purchase the home (preferably get the best home loan through our California mortgage broker team).

This Exclusive Orange County California Home Loan Program gives you time to repair bad credit or to save additional money so you can qualify for a low rate California home loan mortgage through conventional Orange County mortgage lenders such as TheHomeLoanHero.com

This Simple Exclusive Orange County California Home Loan Program Is Easy To Qualify For And Moves You In Today!

Don’t see a program that works for you to get a home loan through traditional orange county mortgage lenders? Don’t walk away from the California home loan process just yet… let’s get creative and talk about other ways we may be able to get you into your new Southern California home.

As we mentioned earlier, we are not just Realtors. As a group of highly-skilled Orange County mortgage lenders, mortgage bankers and Southern California Mortgage Broker with more options than Realtors. Give us a chance to try to get you into a new home. Contact us today!

You can learn more about your financing options by downloading our Free Special Report: “Home Buying Tips.”

If you are ready to own your own home, search our properties or to apply for home loan fill out our Home Buyer’s form to see if your Southern California dream home is waiting for you?


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