What We Do For You

What We Do For You

Here’s A Few Of The Services We Provide For You As An Orange County, CA Or Southern California Home Buyer….

  • Start off purchasing your home with a LoanFirst™ California Home Loan Pre Approval home loan online. Having a pre approved home loan in California with a LoanFirst™ is just like having money in the bank. Don’t start the home buying process backwards! Successfully Get a “Pre Approved” home loan in Orange County and ALL of Southern California… And Not Just “Pre-Qualified”. Being Pre-Qualified Isn’t Worth The Paper It’s “NOT” Printed On!

  • You’ll Have Access To A Variety Of Different Financing Options To Suit Your Own Unique, Individual Needs. Including “Low Down Payment” And “No Down Payment” Programs And No Closing Costs Loans!

  • You ’ll receive Free Enrollment into several local and national “Down Payment Assistance” Programs and “Homebuyer Assistance” Programs… along with information and a list of several exclusive programs offering gift funds. Don’t let lack of savings get in the way of your dream of homeownership!

  • You’ll Receive A Free Weekly List Of Properties Not Currently Listed… Email. No more browsing through countless ads or driving around town looking for signs!

  • You’ll Receive Free Kits, Guides And Exclusive Special Reports Jam Packed With Vital Tips To Help Guide You Through To Making The Right Decisions. Arm yourself with this valuable information so you can become an informed homebuyer, instead of being an unwilling victim!

Here Are A Few More Of The Services We Provide To You At Absolutely No Cost…

  • We’ll Evaluate The Value Of Your Chosen Home, So That You Know You’re Getting The Most Home For Your Dollar! You’ll benefit from powerful techniques that keep you from overpaying. You keep more of your money in your pocket!

  • We’ll Help Negotiate The Best Possible Deal For You, So That You Avoid Costly Traps And Pitfalls! You don’t have to be an expert… just sit back and let the experts do what we do best!

  • We’ll Coordinate All Inspections, Appraisals, Escrow and Title Services, with the very best firms so you can feel confident and focus on other tasks during your move!

You can learn more about your financing options by downloading our Free Special Report: “Home Buying Tips.”

If you are ready to own your own home, search our properties or to apply for home loan fill out our Home Buyer’s form to see if your Southern California dream home is waiting for you?


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Our properties sell quickly. But – don’t worry – we are constantly purchasing new properties. So, if you don’t see the home you were looking for, sign up for our Retail Buyer’s List. You can let us know what you are looking for and we will notify you with information about our new properties. If you are a real estate investor on the look out for new properties, please feel free to sign up for our Wholesale Buyer’s List.

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