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I saw my mom having sex with my brother.?

My mom is 40, my brother is 16 and im 19. Were like the housewives of orange county. I got good looking parents with money. I came home from school and had to use the bathroom. As I walk in I saw my brother and my mom having sex on the counter. A couple of mins. later my mom came in and told me that her sex with my dad is boring. She told me that she would buy me a range rover if I didn’t tell dad. As I was thinking she unzip my pants and gave me a bj. I want to tell my dad but if I do im afraid that my mom will hate me forever. What should I do?
This is 10o% true. My brother says its been going on for 2 weeks. Should I call my dad because he’s on a trip right now?

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32 Responses to “I saw my mom having sex with my brother.?”

  1. That’s gross!!! I really hope this is fake!!!

  2. EWWWW you family is freaking RETARTED

  3. FAKE…your sick.

  4. Well…….that is a little weird.

  5. lol sounds like your family should be on Maury

  6. your stepmom?
    Oh god please tell me your stepmom?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?

  7. im pretty sure your just bullshitting this whole thing, so try again and make your story seem believeable

  8. Tell your dad so your mom can get help. She will be mad at first but will understand in the end. Good luck, I know you love your mom.

  9. are you kidding me your really 19 and asking?

    put her in jail ask your dad to buy you a range rover with all the money he saves from the divorce

  10. Incest is illegal and you mother needs help. Your brother is also underage and this makes it more of a crime. Your mother ought to be arrested.You could also go to jail for letting your younger brother be molested.

  11. talk to your mom about this. try to get her to talk to your father.

  12. You need to tell your dad. It’ll upset your mom but what she’s doing is wrong on so many different levels. You need to help your brother and your family. She needs to get help and that will only happen if you go to your dad.

    Best of luck

  13. do what you think is right i would tell your dad, or go talk to someone about it and have them help you out

  14. KENNY! moms gonna flip if she finds out your telling people about this!

  15. I don’t believe you. If it IS true, you all need counseling or a call to a state trooper!

  16. Tattoosformyvalentine. Reply August 25, 2011 at 1:31 AM

    Wtf is wrong with your mom? or whats wrong with you if youre lying.

  17. WOW, i don,t know what to tell ya ? i,m lost at it

  18. Tell your dad.

  19. wtf? thats nasty.
    is this true?

  20. first of all this just seems a little too far fetched for me .first your mom was screwing your brother right? then YOU….. LET HER SUCK YOUR DICK???? while you were standing there thinking?never occured to you to stop her ?cmon now !!!! LOL this is fucked up !!!dam thats just sick as hell on your part dude…i just have trouble thinking any of this is true at all. dude get a life & do some constructive things with your time instead destructive things.yea show both your parents what you just put on the net for the whole freaking world to need some serious help???

  21. Hey Sir!

    Oh that’s nasty but why you didn’t stop your mom! It’s your MOM!
    You’re already old enough to know what’s right or wrong.
    You’re mom is maybe sick.

    Tell your Dad right away.
    So that it will be settled.

  22. Tell your f*****g dad he can buy you a range rover after you become his favorite son.

  23. So if when you already know your mom is a person who can do thing like this. Stop it or not. Tell your dad or not. Is anything gonna be different. Will your mother be clean again in your mind. Let them have fun. And is that thing bother you. Cut your connection with your mom that’s all

  24. this is not true

  25. prettyravegirl619 Reply August 25, 2011 at 1:31 AM

    look that nasty and gross you need to tell your dad before it get worse and then he will find out on his own and will leave you guys with your mom you need to tell your dad
    cause she need help and that again the law she would be register as a sex offender trust me that wrong

    tell him now ! it best you will regert it if you dont tell your father

  26. d00d thats fucking awesome!!!!!!!! dont tell your dad!!!!!!!!

    can you make a video and send it to me? im serious, please?

  27. mollie the mighty Reply August 25, 2011 at 1:31 AM

    CALLL THIS IS REally serious call ur dad but not a t home


  29. WTF?? this sounds like a porn story…seriously.

  30. thats fucking funny.
    you should ask her for even more things. Car, Motorcycle, Shit i would use it against her

  31. fake fake fake

  32. ღkaz£ ¥ tRavïღ Reply August 25, 2011 at 1:31 AM

    wow aint that some blanco shit jajaja yall fuckin nasty and so are u to let her suck ya dick

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